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Everything you need to know to go from white belt too blue belt

In our fundamentals classes you will learn everything from our white to blue belt curriculum.

How the classes are structured

every class starts with a very light general warmup. This is followed by a few partner drills related to the position of the week.

we don't do hard warmups at the bjj wädenswil. if you want to do additional strength and conditioning the Budo schule Wädenswil has a gym area that can be used uin accordance with the BSW owner in exchange for a small surcharge.

in our fundamentals program we focus on teaching a system and not just isolated techniques.

when you learn a technique, we also cover the common reactions that opponents will give you and how to counter those reactions. instead of trying to force a technique on your opponent, the sport now becomes a battle of wits and timing.

there is positional and free sparring (about 30 minutes total) at the end of each class.

BJJ For kids           our classes are taught in German but our coaches also speak englisch.

prepare your kid for any challenge with our kids Bjj classes in wädenswil. in a relaxed, playful and fun environment they will learn the techniques of brazilian jiu jitsu, improve their fundamental movement skills and socialize with other kids.

Benefits of BJJ for kids

Bully - proofing

the kids will learn how to handle bullies, deescalate threatening situations and how to defend themselves if necessary.

Motor skills and coordination

Playfull exercises and fun games build fundamentals movements skills like agility, balance, coordination and speed.

Socialization and teamwork

in our classes kids can socialize with others of their own age group and make new friends.

Age range: 5-12 years old

the main objective for the 5-7 year olds is fun. with the help of variety of games, coordination drills and grappling basic we keep the kids focused, engaged and happy.

for the older kids we still keep training fun for this age group, especially during warm-ups. the focus is shifted more towards learning the basic jiu jitsu techniques.

Currently our kids class is held on Friday from 18:00 on and lasts about 1 hour. as can be seen on the schedule and under pricing, the buds Schule Wädenswil offers three additional distinctive kids trainings, traditional ju-jitsu once a week and judo twice a week. if kids want to train in the bsw classes and the bjj class, we offer a membership directly at bsw for the 3 classes mentioned above plus a surcharge for bsw class.

the classes are with gi (uniform). we provide a loaner gi for the trial classes. if you decide to enroll your child, a gi is included in our intro package.

Do you want to come by for a trial class?

send us a message and get in touch. we look forward to meeting you.

our classes are taught in German but our coaches also speak englisch.

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